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Who am I and what do I want?

Art therapy for better sleep

The Workshop you were waiting for!
Explore your senses, to reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.
You will connect with your artistic and creative dimension to unleash unsuspected potential.

September 17/ 8:00 a.m. (Pacific time)
100% online - via Zoom

No stress on the shoulders and sleep better

Two hours of active workshop that will fly away; At the end of the course you will feel more relaxed and happy.

  • You will manage to have two hours of tranquility dedicated to you.

  • You will locate what is stressing you, understanding this is essential to resolve internal conflicts. 

  • You will know the form of artistic expression with which you feel more comfortable to use.

  • You will be able to sleep better and walk without that tension in the shoulders.

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With Astrid Rios

Astrid has a bachelor's degree in psychology and more than 40 years promoting mental health. She has been a university professor in Guatemala for several years. She is co-author of the book Sexuality and Gender, Current Issues, with the theme of masculinity and responsible parenthood.

Astrid has been supporting her patients with art therapy for many years. She guides you with a lot of empathy to carry out the exercises and meditations.

It will help you from the guide on how to prepare your space to start the art therapy session and thus take advantage of this moment, to special meditations so that you reach a space of peace and you can express yourself more freely to explore and answer those questions that you have. keep awake.

This workshop is for you if:

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up and have that nagging, repetitive voice that won't stop? Do you see yourself in the mirror and do not know where you are? Or maybe you just want to spend some quality time, dedicated to getting to know each other or doing an activity with your partner or with a family member or friend.


Art therapy supports you at any stage you are in your life, and what you express serves as a powerful reminder of the efforts you make on the path of self-knowledge.

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Understanding and learning from your depths

"Image-making is the psyche's way of trying to fully comprehend 'the depths', thereby leading consciousness to think beyond itself." 

Carl Jung

Retrato de una mujer

It's time to take action if...

Change lifes

I was very doubtful if online art therapy was going to leave me something positive, I have gone to art classes in person and I love them, and I did not think that something similar could be reproduced through a screen. However, my friend convinced me to go with her. I thank you very much for convincing me, because in the comfort of my room I put my papers and crayons and in the end I was able to see myself and connect with other beautiful people who participated.

- Ana Maria, Seattle
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Relajante al aire libre

Express yourself without words, letting go of fear

Art therapy cares about the person. It is not a project about her, but a project with her based on her discomfort and her desire for change.

The fact of expressing in the external world what worries us internally, makes us see in a more practical and accessible way those concepts that we cannot understand. The abstract ideas that only by observing ourselves from an external perspective can be integrated into our knowledge so that they begin to make sense.

Frequent questions

I'm not good at expressing myself "artistically"
The workshop is designed for you to connect with yourself, not for you to be an artist.
Astrid will give you many techniques to stop self-criticism and start exploring who you are.
I am shy, it is difficult for me to open up in groups. Do I have to show what we believe?
The workshop is for your self-knowledge and enrich your life.
Sharing participants is always welcome, but it is entirely optional.
I don't have two hours for the workshop, could I benefit if I only do one hour?
In order for you to have all the benefits of the workshop, it is necessary that you set aside the full time.
Can I participate with my child?
The Art Therapy workshop is designed for adults and adolescents.
trabajo de arte

Art Therapy to sleep better is part of the spaces promoted by Esperantza for the connection of services that support the well-being of the Latino Community.

We are with you and we want to support you!

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Register here:

September 17/ 8:00am (Pacific time) 100% online - via Zoom
Price for today: $29.75
Regular Price: $35.00

With the guarantee of
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Uniting ties between the Latino community
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