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At TÍAS, we strive to provide a unique emotional support experience for Latinos living away from home. We have designed an emotional and mental health and wellness counseling service, specially designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of the Latino community.

Get your free appointment with TÍAS today and regain control of your life and well-being through mental health support now!

With your free appointment, you allow us to listen to your needs and understand your concerns so that we can provide you with personalized guidance and suggestions to care for yourself and your family's emotional well-being. 


Trust is essential to healing; our recommendations consider what aspects of culture, identity, and language you feel most comfortable and safe.


No matter where you live or what you are going through, TÍAS will guide you to the emotional support you need. We guarantee you will find in TÍAS an empathic and welcoming approach to overcoming hardships. 

We are committed to helping you find your balance, emotional peace, and happiness. Don't hesitate to make an appointment now!

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Is it awkward to speak about your emotional health? Don't deem your emotional health a vital part of investing in yourself?

That's completely normal! Unfortunately, the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental health can make you feel uncomfortable asking for help. Or perhaps you have tried to ask for help only to be disappointed.


Let us tell you that taking charge of your mental health can significantly improve your quality of life. By taking steps to care for your emotional well-being, you can enjoy healthier relationships, a higher energy level, and face work and life challenges with greater resilience.


 There is no shame in asking for help for your emotional health. We can all face emotional challenges at some point in our lives, the difference is whether we hide from our challenges or find the support we need to face them


TÍAS can be the first step in taking control of your emotional well-being today!

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we listen to you with empaTÍA

At TÍAS, we are committed to providing you with support and guidance on your self-discovery journey. We offer a free appointment to meet your needs and help you identify your concerns and challenges. We will help you get started by listening to you and referring you to a trained professional who shares your culture and language. Insurance is not required, and your privacy is our priority.

After my free appointment with TÍAS, I felt heard and understood. The counselor recommended and provided helpful tools to improve my mental health. It wasn't easy to decide at first, but I am glad I did it because it brought much-needed peace into my life! Thank you for the tireless support TÍAS!

Alexa Young, CA

Don't get left behind; join the community of Latinos who have found support and guidance at TÍAS. Make your appointment today and feel the difference between filling out endless forms and speaking to a human who provides personalized attention and support.


Worried about the cost of mental health care?

At TÍAS, we understand that mental health and emotional support is a right for everyone, so we offer to listen to you and support you with a service that is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic situation. Don't let cost get in the way of taking care of your well-being!


We want you to know that TÍAS is our service specially designed for Latinos, so we share a cultural empathy that will allow you to feel comfortable during your appointment. We guarantee you won't regret making your reservation with us and taking care of your emotional well-being!


Is this you? I don't have time to commit to my emotional health right now.

We understand that life can be hectic, but we urge you to consider whether you deserve time for yourself and your emotional well-being.


With our service TÍAS, we offer free and flexible appointments so you can find a time that suits your day-to-day. Also, by taking the time to care for your emotional health, you are allowing yourself to be more efficient and productive in the rest of your responsibilities and be present for your family.


Don't neglect your emotional well-being!


Does asking for help with managing your emotions make you feel self-conscious?

At TÍAS, we understand that asking for help is not easy, but from experience, we know it is a brave step that leads you toward wellness. When you make an appointment, we offer an empathetic and trustworthy environment to make you feel comfortable and safe in addressing your emotional woes.


Join the community of brave Latinos that seek emotional health!


Did past experiences make you weary of mental health professionals?

At TÍAS, we are proud to have a highly trained and experienced team to provide tender, high-quality care, and support. You can trust our recommended professionals to listen to you and provide care tailored to your needs.


Take the first step towards a life with more meaning and satisfaction!

Mental health is not just the absence of an ailment but the presence of a balanced mind that is resilient and capable of finding meaning and purpose in life, even when the going gets tough.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect when I make an appointment?

At the appointment with one of our TÍAS counselors, you can expect a safe and confidential space to discuss your concerns and problems. Our personnel have experience in listening without judging, and it is the necessary first step to provide you with tools and resources to help you overcome your challenges. From us, you can expect an honest, respectful, and non-judgmental conversation where you are the center of attention, and we will give you the time you need to be heard. In addition, our TÍAS will provide you with the necessary information about the resources and services available in the community so that you can find the help you need.

Who will be there at the time of my appointment?

Tias are Latino women who have emigrated and have spent some time living abroad. We understand the challenges of being away from our family and country of origin because we've been there. As wives, mothers, aunts, and sisters, we believe in giving our time and listening to you respectfully and responsibly. Imagine having that aunt you are looking for in difficult times, someone who has gone through similar situations and knows about your city's resources and services. Our goal is precisely that! And, because we know all the mental health providers of well, we can find support for you that matches your needs well. Esperantza is an online platform that connects highly qualified Latin American psychologists with those seeking therapy services. Their price is more accessible than therapy in the United States, and they are culturally compatible with you. You won't have to explain much about your past to them because they share it. Also, they speak Spanish, so that you won't need a translator or someone from your family as an intermediary. In short, as TIAS, we are here to provide support and guidance. As part of our network of resources, we highly recommend for culturally appropriate and accessible online therapy services.

What kind of mental health issues can you help me with?

Our personnel can manage various issues, from anxiety and depression problems to relational problems with family, spouse, friends, your boss at work, and much more. We want you to feel comfortable opening up your emotions with us. That's why after listening to you, we ensure the assigned counselor has experience and techniques to support you in mastering the feelings and problems you seek help for. We can offer you personalized attention adapted to your needs. Remember that there are no inadequate emotions and no problems that are too big or small to address. At TIAS, we are here to listen and support you in what you need. If you have any specific questions or need more information, don't hesitate to let us know. We are here to help!

Can I chat with someone to schedule my appointment?

Of course! At Esperantza we understand that taking the first step to seek support can be difficult, so we offer the option to chat with our Tias before scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals. Don't hesitate to chat with us; we will help you every step of the way to start your path to self-awareness and mental health! Chat by clicking HERE:
Tres mujeres

Have you asked yourself how much time and money you spend on activities that do they only give you temporary satisfaction?

It is common to fall into the trap of neglecting our emotional well-being and putting our attention on ourselves. We usually tell ourselves stories like "I don't have time", "it's expensive" or "I went once and it didn't work for me". However, these excuses only keep us from what we really need: devoting time and resources to our emotional health.

But the truth is that you have the power to stop the world, your world, and start breathing calmly.


It is time to take yourself seriously and remember that investing in our emotional health is a valuable and necessary investment. 

Remember that our emotional well-being is not a luxury, it is a necessity. 


Start today to prioritize yourself and do what it takes to take care of the most important person: YOU.

Monica, TX

“During my free appointment at TIAS, a counselor took the time to call and listen to me. Your comments made me feel better.
Understand that there are other women who go through moments similar to what I am going through. I felt supported and understood.
He shared with me simple and free tools to manage my stress. He suggested options I hadn't considered for my health care.  At the end of our appointment, he mailed me helpful resources in the area where I live, along with his recommendation of three experienced healthcare professionals. what interests me, with whom I can have zoom therapy, in Spanish, through at a price I can afford.” 

How does TIAS work? Is it really a free date? Will they sell me something during the appointment?

TÍAS is a FREE mental health support service specially designed for the Latino community that lives outside of their country.

On your first appointment with us, we will offer you active listening and appropriate options for your situation. It is the first step to talk with professionals who will help you find effective solutions to your problems. In the case that we consider it appropriate, we will recommend a therapist that adjusts to your social, economic and cultural situation. This subsequent service is NOT free, it has a value of only $35.75.

Taking care of your mental health is important, and at TÍAS we want to make it accessible to you.

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