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We are a company founded and led by Latinas dedicated to supporting the Latino immigrant community. We envision this company as a solution for the lack of resources of wellness and care that share our cultural background. We know firsthand the struggles of making life in a new country, when parents and family live in a different continent, during a Pandemic in which we lost people dear to us.  
Our goal is to provide services steeped in our culture so that we feel rooted in Latin American communities. At Esperantza, we believe in building bridges that grant passage between Latin Americans living abroad and professionals that can support the immigrants' families, NGOs, and businesses. Our business model is simple: First, we listen for what the need is, then use the knowledge we have of our professionals to match the NGO, Business, or client with our professionals and their services.
Through the link we create, we seek to satisfy two needs: The need of the Latin American migrant abroad to break the isolation that allows him to feel connected and support himself and his family, as well as the need of the professional living in Latin America to support them using their education and profession, which at the same time promote economic independence. 

Our Mission is to create connections that support personal and professional growth for Latin Americans, regardless of where they live. Recognizing that access to professional services of mental health with shared cultural empathy and in their  language creates a good foundation for personal growth.

Our Vision is to act as the marketplace ("mercado") of professional services in which we provide opportunities to practice a profession in Latin America and are able to provide wellness services to underserved immigrant communities.
Sobre nosotras


Professional. Our providers have college degrees with, on average, ten years or more of experience, with proven devotion to improving the lives of the people they serve. 

​Tailormade. Esperantza does not believe in one-size fits all solutions. We take the time to meet with your board of directors and understand what is needed to bring a personalized solution. Because when it comes to mental health, there is no success formula. Instead, its effectiveness depends on creating positive personal connections and designing personalized methods.

Effective. Currently, families wait at least six months to get mental health services. We pride ourselves in being able to connect people in need with services within the same week. We have supported the Latino communities by working with NGOs, small businesses, and families (read our stories).
Affordable. We offer services at insurance co-pay prices which in some cases is 15% of the going fees to access mental health services. 
Convenient. We know life gets messy. With Esperanza, you don't have to dress up; you don't have to sit in traffic. You can get your Kleenex box, sit in a comfy and private space in your house, connect through your phone or laptop and focus on yourself.


  • We have experienced that to reach personal and family well-being, we must first find a good connection with the professionals who support us. When we share a language and culture, feeling connected is easier.
  • Deep relationships with people enrich our lives. We make spaces where friendship and our families come first.
  • To change the world, we must highlight the stories and talents of people whose experiences are rich in cultural blends. We see Esperantzas’ contribution as a company that supports migrants with self-consciousness and deeper social connections that embrace the past and present cultures and help small businesses, NGOs, and communities thrive.
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