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La pintura sobre lienzo

Creating bonds support 
between latino community

Goals from the heart for this 2023

art therapy to deepen and listen to the desires of our hearts

FREE Workshop to dispel the noise and glimpse what matters most to us in this 2023

January 28

9:00AM - Pacific Time

live via Zoom

Esperantza brings you an event that you can't miss!
Participate in a 100% free event, accompanied by the
biologist and artist: Genoveva Rodríguez Castañeda

Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want.

Frida Kahlo

Clase de arte

Express yourself through art and find your purpose from the heart

What will we share with you?

All beginnings have a tangle of feelings: hope, illusion, fear of failure... But if we think about it, the important thing about setting goals and ideals for a new cycle is not necessarilyhow others will see us at the end of the year.The important thing is achieve something significant for ourselves.


I also know that among all the noise, it is often difficult to identify a single goal that we can commit to. For this reason I propose a practice space this January 28 through ART THERAPY, guiding you with practical and simple, but powerful exercises that can help us a lot to dispel the noise and glimpse what matters most to us in this 2023.

Just bring the art medium of your choice to express yourself! It can be paper, paints and brushes, it can be pastel crayons, it can or pencils!

Genoveva Rodriguez

Genoveva was born in Guatemala, graduated in biology and obtains her doctorate in ecology and evolution. She married an American and is the mother of a very special child. All the time she spends raising her she has had to learn who she is and how to express it through art, science and business.

Her passion is painting and writing. What she dedicates herself to more and more!

Uniting ties between the Latino community

At Esperantza we weave to link Latin Americans abroad with professionals who live in Latin America.
This is a space that contributes to healing, learning and growing by creating connections between Latin American communities living in the United States and Europe.

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