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Impresiones de flores naranjas

Creating ties of support among the Latino community

Healing my migratory grief to be able to flourish

With Genoveva Rodríguez Castañeda

Co-founder of Esperantza and artist

April 20th

12:00 - Eastern Time

9:00 - Pacific Time

Live via zoom

Esperantza brings you an event that you cannot miss!
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“We gain strength, courage and confidence from every experience where we really stop to look fear in the face. We must do what we think we cannot."

eleanor roosevelt

Artista pintando en estudio

Learn to express and recognize where you come from, so that your roots are the guide on your life path.

What will we share with you?

Emigrating is that state of being happy but with deep sadness...


No matter why you came to this country, you carry some immigration grief in your backpack. Whether because of the family you left, because of the very different culture in which you grew up or because you live in another language that you don't understand, or because there "you were someone" and here you have to reinvent yourself... When you carry all this, there is a certain color in all your emotions:


- You are happy to see your son graduate, but you would like your family to be here to see him.


- You talk to the spirits of your dead and leave them bread and candles, quietly because they don't understand you here.


- Exams make you nervous because they are made for another culture and in a new language for you, and the worst thing is that you think you are doing poorly because you are incapable, when the problem is not yours but rather trying to fit in. system you don't know.


But now that we are in the middle of spring, it is time to bloom where we are planted and for that we have to know our duels, let go and embrace the new.

Trama. nut . iz.png
Observando la naturaleza

The migratory grief

In this super event we are going to focus on our roots and what we bring; and through art we will explore what we have to give.


1. Let's explore where we come from, what we brought with us.


2. I am going to briefly tell you about the 8 immigration duels.


3. Let's take a little tour of your favorite corner in your house, and what you have here and there.


4. Let's paint to imagine how we are going to flourish where we are planted.


Genoveva Rodriguez Castañeda

Genoveva, originally from Guatemala and a biology graduate with a PhD in ecology and evolution, found her true passion in painting and writing after an eye-opening snowy day in the Arctic during her studies. Becoming a mother deepened her journey of self-discovery, leading her to explore how to express herself through art, science, and business. Today, he dedicates his time and energy to cultivating his love of painting and writing, fusing his passion with his career in a unique path that reflects his authenticity and creativity, proving that life can take us down unexpected and transformative paths.

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Evento 2 - Duelos migratorios
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