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An Esperantza project for the Latino community

We are like your aunts, we want the best for you.

TÍAS already want to meet you and tell you that support is already on the way! to provide you with resources and support for your nutritional health. From human to human!

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We want to give you the best resources to see you healthy and happy.

Our main motivation is the desire to help people achieve their health and nutrition goals. Whether you need help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or disease prevention, each person is evaluated using a comprehensive, well-informed plan that they can follow for the rest of their lives. Whether you're looking for nutritious recipes or need professional guidance to address a specific health issue, we're ready to help you achieve your dietary goals by offering free support and guidance.

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'Let food be your food and food your medicine'


We are living times in which our food has been governed by the food industry, fashions, trends, magazines, networks... We know that navigating this world is not easy... there is so much! that you no longer know what to eat!


There are apps to count calories, influencers, experts, recipe books and impossible diets, etc.


In this saturation of information we forget that we are unique, we forget that each one has its own characteristics, a unique metabolism, special situations, cultural, family, emotional habits and more factors, therefore, we need UNIQUE help, but help that tune in with our needs.


It is time that you stop searching and searching for standard and massive solutions!

We know that you need support, because it is not easy to PUT YOURSELF AS A PRIORITY.

TIAS wants to support you, how? Knowing yourself, understanding what can really help you, what and who can tune in with you and how you can start a path towards your nutritional well-being with professional support and empathy!

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From human to human, find support

  • If you need someone to accompany you to make you a priority, find your main obstacles to change the way you eat and lose weight.

  • To keep your sugar levels stable when you have diabetes.

  • If you want someone to instruct you and accompany you with diets, and monitoring so that you achieve your sports goals.

  • If you are a runner, mountain climber, bodybuilder or just want to win and you need someone to support you with personalized nutrition. 

  • If you want to handle the social pressures at parties not to gain weight, we have a person who can support you.

Our TÍAS team that will listen to you carefully

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"We envision a life abroad where Latinos find connections and resources to improve their lives while providing opportunities for professionals living abroad to enter a first world market. We birthed and nurtured our idea and called it Esperantza."


The best part about this service is that it's free, but tremendous value. Please make sure to complete your reservation in the link.

  • What is TÍAS?
    A free Esperantza project for the Latin community, with the aim of providing advice and guide for the well -being of Latinos and Latinas that live abroad. We currently advise with themes focused on: nutrition, education and mental health.
  • Does the appointment with TÍAS have a cost?
    No, Tías's appointment is completely free. Our purpose is to listen to you, understand your needs and see what resources are more related and appropriate for what you are looking for.
  • Is it an appointment with a nutritionist?
    No, the purpose of this appointment is to listen to you, learn about your specific needs and concerns, giving you a guide that can help, a new look is always good for us. Just like your favorite Aunt would.
  • On the day of the appointment, how do I connect?
    After you book your appointment, you will receive an email with your Zoom link. You just have to follow the link and you will be connected. It is important that you remember that we will NOT call you beforehand. Your participation depends on connecting to zoom with the link created for you, the agreed date and time.
  • If I'm late, can you wait for me?
    Our Aunts can wait for you for 15 minutes, just in case you fell a little behind in the day-to-day sliders. We value your time and we want you to value ours.😊 Any inconvenience you can always write to (206) 705-3018 to notify us or to reschedule.
  • How many times can I make appointments with TIAS?
    You normally make an appointment with aunts and they will attend you. However, if you need an appointment for you and a separate one for one of your children you can make more than one appointment.
  • If I'm afraid to connect, what do I do?
    breathe deep. Asking for help is a brave step and by making your appointment with TIAS you took a big step. You don't have to connect your camera if you don't want us to see you. The connection is protected by HIPPA and you can talk with confidence.
  • After the appointment, what can I expect?
    In a short time you will receive an email with options of 3 professionals from our network that we believe are appropriate for your needs and payment possibilities. Also, if we know of other resources near your community that can be of use to you, we will also be sending it to you.

Uniting ties between the Latino community

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