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At Esperantza, the AUNTS, we are here to listen to you and
find the best resources that can help you

Do you know you need help, but you don't know who to turn to and where to start?
At Esperantza we support you by giving you free guidance based on your specific needs. A “made to measure” service.

Do you need mental health support or nutrition challenges, or special classes for you or your children?


We will guide you with your best interest in mind, just like your aunt would.

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We always remember, during life, the moments in which we decided seeking help and the changes we made by doing so!

BEGIN TO BE HEARD like your favorite aunt would.


We have helped many brave people who have sought help.

You can do it too!

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Uniting ties between the Latino community.

© 2021 Esperantza LLC

I was looking for Spanish tutoring for my 2 children who are enrolled in the bilingual program at
our primary school, since we only speak English at home. I discovered Esperantza through a
post on social media and immediately asked for more information. I spoke with one of the girls who offered me a free date and learned about her program offerings. Through them we found just what we needed: regular 1-on-1 Spanish conversation time for each of my children. Now we meet every week with our fun and dynamic tutor. My children enjoy the activities that she plans for them. I can already see that they are gaining more confidence with each session because Alejandra adjusts her sessions to meet the unique needs and interests of each child and that keeps them engaged and interested in their Spanish classes.
Couldn't be happier with Esperantza!

Stephanie - Seattle, Washington
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