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Live online event with Luis Pedro Recinos

December 15

17:30 (Guatemala time)

3:30 p.m. (PST)

Live via Zoom with the possibility of interacting with Luis Pedro.

Luis Pedro Recinos, Guatemalan, Businessman and Author of the book "The Legacy of Thiago" 


Gratitude: life tool

January 14, 2016 was a devastating day in the life of Luis Pedro Recinos. Thiago, her third son, died before her eyes nineteen hours after being born, at just 24 weeks' gestation.


Just two weeks earlier, the young father had proposed to write a short phrase every day, throughout the year, to thank a special event of his day. He had fulfilled it uninterruptedly, but after his loss he was about to suspend the venture. However, a force moved him to find in his pain the reason to meet his goal and document his feelings of gratitude for 365 consecutive days.


Throughout his journey, Luis Pedro understood that there are no coincidences and that the brief existence of his baby not only prepared him for the arrival of his fourth child —also extremely premature, that same year—, but also led him to meet again with their values, to live with a purpose and to discover happiness in the transforming power of a gratitude journal. 

Listen to the TEDx talk in which Luis Pedro Recinos tells the story behind "The Legacy of Thiago" and his journey keeping a gratitude journal.

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